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This vignette demonstrates helper functions for building an R package.

Response to an input check

The input_check_response() function standardizes responses to input checks, ensuring consistency.

x <- "1"
y <- 1

### check is successful
  check = checkmate::check_character(x),
  var_name = "x",
  error = TRUE
#> [1] TRUE

### standardized check response
  check = checkmate::check_character(y),
  var_name = "y",
  error = TRUE
#> Error:
#> ! Input `y` is bad: Must be of type 'character', not 'double'

The package_logo() function makes it easy to create a very basic package logo. Setting use_logo = TRUE will run usethis::use_logo() to set up the logo for your package.

  package_name = "package",
  brackets = TRUE,
  use_logo = FALSE