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Volkswagen AG (VW) stock data from 1998 to 2022 from Yahoo Finance.




A data.frame with 6260 rows and the following 7 columns:

  • Date: The date.

  • Open: Opening price.

  • High: Highest price.

  • Low: Lowest price.

  • Close: Close price adjusted for splits.

  • Adj.Close: Close price adjusted for dividends and splits.

  • Volume: Trade volume.


The data was obtained via:

vw <- download_data(
  symbol = "VOW3.DE",  # Volkswagen AG identifier on Yahoo Finance
  from = "1988-07-22", # first observation
  to = "2022-12-31"    # last observation

The data is also available as .csv file via:

system.file("extdata", "vw.csv", package = "fHMM")