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  • Added print method for RprobitB_parameter.

  • The function choice_probs is now called choice_probabilities() to make its functionality clearer.

  • Splitting the data set into a train and test part can now be done by the function train_test(). Consequently, the argument test_prob was removed in prepare_data() and simulate_choices().

  • The function simulate_choices() does not have the argument distr anymore. Instead, covariates can be supplied via the covariates argument. Consequently, the argument standardize was removed as well.

  • The function compare is now called model_selection() to make its functionality clearer.

  • The function prepare is now called prepare_data() to make its functionality clearer.

  • The function simulate is now called simulate_choices() to not mask stats::simulate().

  • The README file is now in R Markdown format.

RprobitB 0.1.0

CRAN release: 2021-05-15

Initial version.